Jeffrey E. Moore, Ph.D.



Dr. Jeff Moore is a wildlife conservation scientist, dad, husband, and avid amateur at lots of things.  He leads the California Current Marine Mammal Assessment Program within the Marine Mammal and Turtle Division of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California.  He was born and lives in San Diego with his wife (Alex), son (Quinn) and daughter (Anna), and two black cats (Mowgli, and BBC).  Wife and kids pictured at left.


His research interests are in areas of population dynamics, estimating human impacts on marine wildlife, and applying rigorous quantitative tools to analyze ecological data for assisting wildlife and fisheries management.  His work principally concerns marine mammal and sea turtle population biology and assessment.


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​When not at work, Jeff enjoys doing all kinds of outdoor stuff, such as hiking & camping, gardening (esp. with native plants and succulents), looking at things through binoculars and telescopes, playing and coaching kids' soccer, and training for triathlons.  He also loves traveling, music, cooking, and good drink (especially in combination with travel, music, and cooking), and thanks to his son, Quinn, he is fascinated by prehistoric animals.